Papay Designs

New Product

WS 7 Wall Sconce

The Idea

Papay Designs started in 2009 with the Sinuous Floor Lamp, designed and built in a shared workshop in North County San Diego.  Since then we have built a workshop in Leucadia California, equipped to produce handmade objects using a wide variety of materials, from carbon fiber to hardwoods to metals, thus freeing up design abilities not restrained by material workability. 



Style & Quality

Papay Designs embraces the culture of studio crafts which produces high quality handmade objects that are not meant or designed to be mass produced.  This business model is not intended to distribute wholesale but to sell directly to the consumer, allowing for more attention to quality and detail and to sell in smaller quantities. 


100% Handmade

Papay Deisgns is maturing quietly like a monk on a journey to self-realization. As time moves forward we continuously gravitate toward our awareness of the past and the role it plays in design today. Papay Designs is moving forward creating objects deeply instilled with characteristics found in iconic products with details of the handmade.